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Targeted Light for Farm Profitability

Tailored to the Needs of Growers and AgTech Manufacturers

For greenhouses, indoor farms and container farms using aeroponic towers, NFT systems and microgreen / propagation trays.


SpectraGrow accounts for your specific mix of crops, facility layout and natural light availability throughout the year to help you drive optimal plant growth, improve yields and increase operational efficiency with fewer fixtures, and less energy.

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Indoor Farms

From seedling to harvest, each indoor farm poses a unique set of challenges for optimizing quality, yields, production cycles and energy efficiency. SpectraGrow delivers the perfect amount of light, in the right spectral ratios, exactly where you need it.

AgTech Manufacturers

Multi-layered vertical farms and vertical hydroponic container farms require integration and customization for close proximity lighting. SpectraGrow enables shorter distances between lights and plants with superior color mixing and photon uniformity.

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We Can Help Solve These Application Challenges

Of both controlled environment growers and AgTech manufacturers

  • Vertical Aeroponic Towers

    Intensity of light at bottom without hot spots at top; achieving uniformity of light on the vertical plane; shadowing from towers and top plants.

  • Horizontal Grow Shelves

    Maintaining horizontal uniformity as the plants or seedlings grow; reducing shelf spacing without compromising uniformity or color blending.

  • Container Farms

    The constrained volumetric space of container farms challenge uniformity and color blending so all plants receive the desired spectrum.

  • Greens

    The quality, yield and cycle time of seedlings, micro greens and leafy greens are impacted by red:blue ratios, PPFD, DLI, photoperiod and uniformity.

  • Flowering Plants

    In addition to those elements impacting edible greens, flowering plants such as tomatoes and strawberries also need far-red in the spectrum recipe.

  • Tall Plants

    Cannabis, hemp and tobacco need canopy penetration, photoperiod control and spectrum control; and inspection without disruption to the light cycle.

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