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Precision LED Systems

Tailored to the Needs of Growers and AgTech Manufacturers

For greenhouses, indoor farms and container farms using aeroponic towers, NFT systems and microgreen / seedling trays.

LED Fixtures

SpectraGrow precision LED systems deliver the required density of photons in the appropriate spectral ratios for the correct length of time - right where they are needed.

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Bluetooth Controls

SpectraGrow provides reliable wireless control of LED grow lights with no Internet connection required; bluetooth mesh devices are compatible with 0-10V dimmable systems.

Custom Products

SpectraGrow develops custom solutions for growers and AgTech manufacturers for integrated hydroponic growing systems, hemp and cannabis grows and chemical-free germicidal disinfection.

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Products Are Standard and Customizable

Some elements to consider include

  • Spectrum

    Standard and custom spectra

  • Beam Pattern

    Symmetrical and asymmetrical

  • Hanging System

    Uniformity, intensity control, photoperiod control.

  • Certifications


  • Intensity and Efficiency

    Energy efficient

  • Dimmable


Ask us for a 3D Plant Lighting Plan for Your Project!

Tell us a little about your project and how to contact you and one of our team will contact you shortly.