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Bluetooth Mesh Controls

Reliable Wireless Control and Scheduling of LED Grow Lights without Internet

Tailored to the Needs of Growers and AgTech Manufacturers

For greenhouses, indoor farms and container farms using aeroponic towers, NFT systems and microgreen / seedling trays.


Receives Bluetooth commands and converts to 0-10V for dimming and on/off control.

Inspection/Maintenance w/ App Control of Lights

  • All devices (nodes) are added to a single Mesh Network
  • Each device is assigned to a Group (for Zone control)
  • Dimming and ON/OFF* Functionality (*assumes dim-to-off driver)
  • A limitless number of CNTRL can be controlled as a single zone


Sends Bluetooth commands for scheduling intensity levels from 0% -100%.

Grow Room Automation w/ Scheduler Control of Lights

  • Sets time intervals of any length for photoperiod, photoacclimation
  • PPFD intensities are set from 0% to 100% in 1% increments
  • Manual settings or via webserver (any browser)
  • One SCHEDULER controls a limitless number of CNTRL in a single zone


Translates 0-10V signals to Bluetooth commands and sends for dimming and on/off control.

Extend Existing Wired Systems – Wirelessly

  • No change to existing control and interface capabilities
  • Accepts output from most control systems (e.g. 0-10V, PWM, PLC)
  • Intensity input (0-10V) is replicated at the driver (0-10V)
  • One TRANS controls a limitless number of CNTRL in a single zone

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