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About Us

Precision 3D Plant Lighting™️ for Controlled Environment Agriculture


Our story

Our customers are deeply committed to creating a world where commercial urban agriculture is economically feasible, reduces the negative environmental impact of the food system, and improves food security.  The problem is that they encounter unforeseen obstacles along the way that can be solved with the technologies we have.  Fixing those has resulted in viable product lines useful for multiple applications.

Our history

SpectraGrow evolved from the collaboration of three companies in the horticultural, LED and IoT industries, leveraging their combined engineering, manufacturing and supply-chain resources to build a vertically-integrated technology company.


Message from the CEO


Whit Allen, Founder & CEO

Precision 3D Plant Lighting™️ is Key to Farm Profitability

Some urban farms are struggling to pay back their investors because they run complicated operations that take time and precision to scale.  Lighting not only accounts for up to 30% of capital costs and 25-30% of operational costs to run an indoor farm, but even seemingly small changes in lighting can have a huge impact on yield, quality, cycle time and energy efficiency.

Urban food production is driving high-density grow technologies that need both horizontal AND vertical light uniformity to achieve high yields and without wasting energy. Existing 2D light fixture approaches can create extreme hot and cold spots or be costly and unoptimized for commercial farming operations.

By leveraging advances in optically engineered materials and 3D simulation tools, SpectraGrow LED systems uniformly distribute – both horizontally and vertically - the optimal quantity of photons to enable improved yields, greater consistency and operational efficiency, and less wasted energy.

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